La Posada de Manolo
La Posada de Manolo

la posada

After more than five hundred years of history within its walls, in 1979 my father, Manuel Sánchez Nieto, bought this house, completely renovating it and converting it into our family home. His dream was to refurbish it again as accommodation, but it remained an illusion because he died without being able to carry it out.

In 2001 we made this dream our own and after a year of renovation “La Posada de Manolo”, as a tribute to him, began its journey until today. Manolo and Almudena are a couple at work and in life, we left our profession as veterinarians to get involved in something that we did not know what was going to happen to us. It was a difficult but wise decision, a change in our lives, but we are happy to have carried it out.

We love our work because we enjoy the contact with people, sharing experiences and transmitting the enthusiasm we feel for this wonderful city of Toledo.

La Posada de Manolo

like at home, in the heart of Toledo.

From the quiet terrace, the views invite you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing time to pass unhurriedly. In this special space, we invite you to immerse yourself in the experience of the city. You can enjoy reading one of our Travelling Books or simply relax with a conversation.

The rooms of this 15th century family house are distributed over three floors: Jewish, Christian and Arab. Named and decorated thematically with the trades that represent these three cultures that coexisted in Toledo. Farmers, Translators, Gunsmiths, Carpenters, Potters or Tanners are some of them.

Every detail is carefully designed to transport you back in time. Discover the warmth of our facilities, where traditional architecture is combined with contemporary comfort, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

our rooms

La Posada de Manolo
La Posada de Manolo


La Posada de Manolo is located in the historic centre of Toledo, next to the Cathedral: a strategic point to discover the charms of this ancient city on foot.


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For you to fully enjoy your stay with us we offer personalized attention, buffet breakfast and breathtaking views of the Cathedral and the rooftops of Toledo.

Travelling Books

The Alcaicería salon has a small bookshop with titles in Spanish, English and French, available for our customers to take back to their places of origin.

La Posada de Manolo